TED mamas 101: Resource Guide

So you’ve joined TED mamas where do you go from here? 

1) Please read our group guidelines before posting!

2) We have lots of resources including FAQ’s to make TED easier which can be found here at the TED mamas blog.  

3) We have some older resources which we are in the process of updating which can be found in the files in the TED mamas group. These include the TED method, Mast Cell and Histamine intolerance, FPIES files and links, and an extensive vaccine file.

4) We have a pinned location post to help find mamas and support close to you.

5) We have in group safe/unsafe food polls to satisfy curiosity. Though is unlikely to provide help with food choice as every one is different and different sensitivity/reaction types often have different trigger groupings.

6) We have fantastic group photo albums which contain a wealth of recipe links, ideas and creations, used, modified and made by our mamas. As well as a mamas meme album for some light relief.

It can be a bit overwhelming and can often take a while and a little tweaking to get the right TED for your little one so don’t be discouraged. Have a look around, remember to use the search function, see what other people have found helpful and post questions and queries.

Hopefully we can be a positive aid in your journey! 

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