The Ugly Truth

I find vaccines such a hard topic to talk about as a parent of a vaccine injured child, because the reception you get from people can vary tremendously. This doesn’t stop me from talking about them because I think it’s really important to have open conversations about it. It’s a part of my “be the change you want to see in the world” aspiration. If we can openly, respectfully talk about our experiences, apprehensions and questions, not only about vaccines – but any challenging topic, it opens up precedent for that kind of conversation to continue.

Because of this I do a lot of reading, searching, watching – things around vaccines. I want to know that when I say something about something that I know I have a credible source to back it up. I want to be beyond reproach. I want to help people. I want people to trust I have character as a person to be able to back what I say and the humility to say “sorry, I was wrong” if I am.

So today my Mother in law came around to have some time with our kids. I went into another room to concentrate on some TED mamas related things. I finished what I was doing and thought: you know I keep seeing people quote The Supreme Court ruling that says vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”, I wonder when/where that was and if I could find a decent resource to discuss it.

Well on this search, I don’t know if it was the engine or what, but I just saw loads of “it doesn’t really mean what it says” kind of rubbish. Which made me realise the fundamental tool of deception is spin doctoring. Saying you see exactly those words in front of you, they might mean one thing to the entire english speaking world, but hey if you put them in this context with this kind of spin then they actually mean something completely different. Apparently a court ruling of “unavoidably unsafe” is just a deference to nothing being safe in life *face palm*.

I digress.

So here I was trying to find a decent source for that when I came across a different supreme court transcript (link below), that states from the 1986 ruling on vaccine law suits:

“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”

To which I was like… SERIOUSLY!!

Vaccine manufacturers are completely exempt from civil suits. Which I knew about – thanks Vaccine Court – but I hadn’t seen the phrasing before.

They list a huge number of known side effects on their patient information leaflets, including polio-like illnesses “myelitis”, Guillain Barre Syndrome (also like polio), Encephalitis and other brain swelling conditions like meningitis, as well as anaphylaxis and increased atopy, oh and SIDS/Death. But whereas some of the less scary side effects are given a statistic, they omit them for the big scary side effects that they probably didn’t want to publish in the first place, but… the supreme court says if they’re “side effects” then the vaccine manufacturers aren’t culpable.

I have yet to see someone say their practitioner explained these things could happen to their child. In all honesty it has me really wondering what they’re claiming are “proper directions and warnings”. At the end of the day, the pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar business. Each vaccine is a potential multi-billion dollar pay cheque. Doctors get subsidised for their patients who vaccinate (by overall % in America and per vaccine in the UK).

The court ruled this to prevent vaccine manufacturers being driven from making them. But since it came in there has been little done to protect our families from the exponential rise in “necessary” vaccinations, with no comparative health studies for those who are and aren’t vaccinated. With the HHS being sued for not following up their responsibility to do safety studies, the sole contingency for accountability from the 1986 ruling.

It’s a really scary world to have kids when the media is bought and the fear is real, so is the injury. So is the pain. But no one is culpable. It’s all brushed under the table. The ideal of protection from the unknown soothes the masses, while the few profit from a exponentially increasing schedule with no real accountability for the risks.


TEDx talk – Astroturfing and manipulation of media:

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Remuneration from vaccines:

UK (£9.80-£15 per dose):

US ($400 per child if over 63% of children are fully vaccinated on schedule):

Pharmacist remuneration for administering Flu vaccine Canada, US, UK ($4-21per vaccine):


In the days following writing the above I listened to the audiobook of JB Handley’s “How to cure the autism epidemic” and shared the following on my Facebook “TED mum” page:

If you believe vaccines are unrelated to autism, I ask you to consider reading or listening to the “How to cure the autism epidemic” book by J.B. Handley.

He is an extremely knowledgeable autism father and autism activist of over a decade; he co-founded the charity “Generation Rescue” with his wife in 2005. In his book he systematically goes through all the scientific evidence for and against an association.

It is a phenomenally comprehensive discussion on the social and academic narrative around autism; the increase in autism diagnosis from <1 in 10’000 30 years ago, to around 1 in 30-60 today; the vaccination schedule including vaccine testing, the science behind vaccine reactions, the vaccine court and the protection it provides pharmaceutical companies; and so much more.

It is a stark honest parcel of scientifically substantiated information, referring to a tremendous number of peer reviewed articles and several depositions by industry experts under oath, for anyone who truly desires knowledge.

As the parent of a child with autistic traits, as well as a child who is obviously vaccine injured, it can be very confronting information to hear/read and our cognitive dissonance might want us to dismiss it at all cost. I can’t do that anymore, even if it pains me to know our decision to vaccinate our children, without any in-depth reading, has had a tremendous lasting negative impact on their health.

The times are changing, more and more people are becoming aware of the connection, it is no longer a fringe concept, it has an increasing research basis to substantiate it.

If you disagree, I don’t want to argue with you. But I do plead you to look beyond the narrative you are told to believe from an increasingly censored media society. Where questioning vaccine safety can be so taboo, it removes any accountability to the pharmaceutical industry that makes billions in revenue per vaccine. As the schedule increases and the push to mandate vaccinations and take away parental rights becomes more prevalent.

Please read deeper.

Don’t dismiss theories or professionals because a web search has top hits saying they are quacks, woo or practice pseudoscience. Read the science, read the opposition, see which provides more answers with a more justification, and who’s just slinging words and creating smoke screens.

You might be surprised by what you discover.

JB’s Book:

(it is available from other places, its just easy to find amazon links internationally by changing the dot com, none of these are affiliated links)

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