FAQ: Troubleshooting

How long should I give my TED before realizing it’s not working?

Unless symptoms are becoming significantly worse which often happens when mamas try Dr Sears TED with predominantly gastro symptoms, as it contains multiple common FPIES triggers. It’s typically best to wait at least 2-3 weeks between making modifications.
Though most feel they see some improvement in the first week. It can be so variable with different reaction types to have a set number of days etc. especially depending on how long the body has been in a state of reaction and has residual inflammation from.

How should I know which food is causing symptoms?

This is where a food and symptom journal can come in handy. Never discount your mama instincts either. If you’re still not sure, you can always post your journal in one of our community groups and we can do our best to help based on our own experiences.

Should I cut or swap foods from my TED?

If you struggle to eat a food, they give you stomach upsets, or other symptoms, or you suspect they’re a problem food for your nurseling it makes sense to be proactive and make changes. Try to ensure any cuts/swaps have enough time between them to be sure what’s happening.

How do I decide which foods to cut or swap?

It is guess work. It can be more informed by asking others experiences or looking at specific trigger groupings. Everyone is different and there are no guarantees.

I had a slip up/accidental ingestion of a known trigger. How long will symptoms last?

It really depends on the quantity of exposure, and severity of reaction. Some infants only need one small exposure to have symptoms for over a week. Others will be fine within 24-48hrs. Though some expressed milk during reactions, it doesn’t help us know when our milk is free from a trigger. A reaction can take a long time to recover from independently of how long the trigger is in mamas milk.
Some find taking charcoal, “flushing” with Vitamin C or drinking lots of water can help.

Anything I can do to help baby get over the reaction faster?

It can really depend on the symptom type, but many find things like magnesium in epsom baths can really help. Unfortunately it can really depend on your little ones age. So it can be safer to support mum through reactions like suggested above, and increasing detox baths for little one.

Should I push through mucous poop/eczema/reflux, etc?

Please see our “pushing through symptoms” post: https://tedmamas.com/2018/04/23/pushing-through-symptoms/

Can teething/illness cause mucus and blood in stool? Rash or eczema?

Both teething and illness can increase the overall inflammation load of the body. Sometimes this can cause reaction symptoms including mucus, reflux, rashes and eczema flares. Blood in stools is less likely to be caused by these things.

Can a tongue tie be the cause of my baby’s symptoms?

Yes. Oral ties can have a huge effect on the whole body. For more info on symptoms potentially caused by ties see this link http://milkmatters.org.uk/2011/04/15/hidden-cause-feeding-problems/

One of my baby’s symptoms improved, but another is worsening. What is happening and what do I do?

This can sometimes happen when you remove a trigger, but another is still present or you have inadvertently introduced another trigger that manifests with different symptoms.

Can my skin products cause my baby’s symptoms?

Some children react to exposure to triggers through inhaling them or having skin contact so this is definitely possible. Unfortunately, as ever with TED infants, they are so often rarer children who are more prone to react to things that others wouldn’t; or react to things people would consider very unlikely, uncommon or rare.

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