**Extreme Allergies**

Extreme Allergies


I’m an “extreme allergies” parent,
Yes right that’s me.
No, I probably won’t be bringing my children round for tea.
I know you don’t all “get it”,
I don’t expect you too,
Would a little more respect for our life’s trials be too much to ask of you?
We can’t visit your houses,
Go to church or a party.
Because allergens lurk everywhere,
Though for most people they’re harmless.
Now it might be something unseen
like a perfume or particle
from left over food
or a drink that you just started.
Secondary contact
might be something new to you
But when your child’s life is in your hands
You’d learn about it too.
It could be a balloon
joyful for most,
But not for a child
who’s lungs start to close.
“Allergic Disease”
may mean little to you,
But it’s a disease, not a virus,
Let me explain it to you.
Your immune systems’ fickle
it changes a lot,
Virus’s can give it exercise,
Diseases do not!
Allergies are an understated
kind of disease,
A war inside your body,
Russian roulette with your food.
I know we have it extreme.
You may have one or three,
And not see the world
like your battling a disease.
With a child with over forty,
over 20 guaranteed
to cause anaphylactic grade reactions
From a runny nose to a wheeze.
Hives and itching
to swelling extreme.
Each reaction can independently
cause any extreme.
Epinephrine and antihistamines,
They can help this is true.
But don’t always work
like you want them too.
(An online search can show you
Oakley Debbs who had a “mild” allergy
Died age 11, thanksgiving 2016)
Whether they’re for nuts or citrus,
Latex or pollen,
airborne or contact,
The risks are still stupendous.
So no I won’t risk my sons life
because you think
we need to get out.
We won’t rock up at your house unannounced.
If you want to see us,
come visit us please,
Leave your fragrance at home.
Wash your hands nice and clean.
If you want us to visit,
We’d really love to!
Though it will be more work
than most would expect of you.
Food, teddies and pets
can’t be hanging around.
Toy’s can be risky.
How about a known play ground?
So this is our life.
Our children are safe.
It’s uncommon at best.
Though it’s on the rise of late.
So when you see a parent,
You think is “extreme”,
Whether it’s seeds, nuts, grains, fruit or something unseen.
What would you do?
If your child’s life were at risk?
Would you want some support, or to be judged and critiqued?
It’s not an easy road,
this path that we’re on.
I’m grateful to have found many people online,
who get what’s going on.
In online groups,
From all over the world,
Parents meet together
to share what they know.
The almost mythical
hope of remission lingers unseen.
We live each day as though it will always be the same.
We will hope,
We will pray,
That one day,
This battle might end in a positive way.
A day with a child,
who knows no limitations.
The true freedom of food and environment so many take for granted.
This isn’t a fad,
Or an over protective parent.
It’s our life,
It’s our battle.
We’re praising God we’re still standing.
Living, learning, sharing. We go on.
Hoping our journey will help another along.
We all have our battles.
We all have our dreams.
Our life isn’t easy,
It’s not meant to be.
God gives us our battles,
He stands by our side,
He guides us and strengthens us,
He heals in His time.
I may not know His plan or His will,
But I know by His grace,
This is a battle we will win.


By TED mum aka E.P. White December 2016

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