The Big V, Inflammation and Me.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to share how I feel when people dismiss and judge mums who have linked their child’s vaccine reactions with neurological symptoms.

That people of all ages, including other parents, can be so trusting of guidelines and healthcare professionals to completely disregard the first hand experience of millions of parents around the world, is something I really struggle to fathom.

That people say “correlation doesn’t equal causation”, but how many more millions of parents does this have to happen to before people wake up and see there *can be* a link.

It isn’t always connected.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be.

In fact, over 80 parents to date have been able to medically substantiate that their child’s encephalitis (brain inflammation that can cause ASD traits) was directly linked to their vaccination; these cases only make up a fraction of the billions that have been given in compensation to almost 4’000 families from vaccine injuries, including but not limited to neurological symptoms, GBS and death. Though there are lots of restrictions on it, you can go to court over an injury, they “just” have to be over 2 years old and be at least 60% disabled as result of the vaccine.

More and more research is coming out about the links between genetics and methylation; those with impaired methylation (like our family) can’t effectively detox the numerous ingredients in vaccines.

Those with these kinds of genetic variations, and some without, can struggle to properly absorb the synthetic forms of folate and B12 (that are in almost all vitamin supplements and fortified foods); other genetic variations can also impair B6 absorption, which can cause neurological inflammation, and the conversion of beta-carotene into retinol (vitamin A) which is essential for adrenal function and the body’s ability to retain potassium. Our liver function and adrenal function are key to our body’s detoxification pathways and immune health.

As the parent of a vaccine injured child whose immune disorder was triggered and exacerbated by them, it is so much easier to acknowledge the link in that publicly because it’s easy to understand that vaccines irritate the immune system to make them work. So it’s just like a more extreme manifestation of that irritation.

But as the parent of a minimally verbal child pending an autistic diagnosis, it is so much more challenging to acknowledge that his vaccines, even without having a starring role in triggering his symptoms, definitely played a role in his health because he has the same genetic tendencies that cause poor vaccine detox.

One child has inflammation from his vaccines causing immune dysregulation and the other has inflammation too. His is “just” manifest in his gut and his brain as a form of encephalitis causing ASD traits.

But to acknowledge that neurological symptoms can be associated with vaccines and poor detoxification metabolism, which is ultimately genetics, leads to a parent’s intellect being completely dismissed and them being branded as crazy or “one of them”. It leads to nasty malicious personal attacks on parents for questioning what some professionals say is true. But there are lots of scientists and doctors out there who know all of this to be true and do ongoing research in the area.

Really, it is biomedical science, genetics, experienced and lived by millions daily, that are substantiated, even if they’re different to another parent’s experience, that doesn’t mean they should be ridiculed. It just means we’re all different. Parents trust different people. Read different resources. It’s not a license to completely undermine and judge those who have taken a different approach; you don’t have to understand it. There is no one size fits all, in cause or treatment.

We don’t have to be horrible to other people who see things differently. You don’t have to agree with someone to treat them with respect and kindness. Parents with children with these challenges have enough on their plate, if you disagree with them you should still be able to show them respect, kindness and compassion for their journey.

This post was prompted by a video #crazymothers which is a fantastic piece of speaking art by Hillary Simpson, that includes experience and science; it is her response to being one of those #crazymothers undermined by professionals and those around her but fighting and researching for her child’s health. Like any mother would.

❤️ TED mum


This is an example of some of the cases where compensation has been given for adverse reactions to vaccines:

Ground breaking research on (mast cell related) inflammation and autism:

Groundbreaking Research Links Autism with Histamine, Inflammation and Mast Cell Activation

Neurological inflammation and B6 (P5P)

This is some more information on B6 (P5P) the link recommends Thorne B complex, I’m not sure if their link is affiliated, personally we use Jarrow’s “optimised B-right” B complex, we find it really hypoallergenic (even with a corn allergy) and it’s a lot more economical than other makes we’ve tried.

If you would like any more links for reference and please comment or message me 🙂

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