What is TED Mamas?

TED Mamas started primarily as a Facebook community for mamas on more EXTREME elimination diets, eliminating the Top 8 allergens as a minimum. More commonly going on Total Elimination “few food” Diets (TED), where a Mama exclusively eats a small number of foods to identify her infants food triggers. In a bid to share our resources so those outside the group can utilise them we started the TEDmamas.com blog.

What is a TED? https://tedmamas.com/2018/04/18/what-is-a-ted/

Our TED mamas group has a really specific audience so we don’t encourage mamas who are at the beginning of their dairy/soya etc. elimination diets to join. Though if mamas who are eliminating less foods want to join we ask they first read our “Don’t be hasty, save yourself some stress!” post.

Don’t be hasty, save yourself some stress: https://tedmamas.com/2018/10/11/dont-be-hasty-save-yourself-some-stress/

We don’t allow posts in group for less than top 8 eliminations so we are able to better focus our support for those enduring more extreme restrictions. A simple “breastfeeding dairy free/CMPA” search should show up plenty of alternative groups that are better able to support mamas earlier in their elimination journey.

Due to the nature of the group we allow healthcare professionals to join, providing they appreciate that we are a peer to peer group. All group posts, comments and support are opinions shared solely as peers. So any real life certifications are not to be stated in our group discussion.

TED Resources and Community Groups

If you request to join one of our groups please answer the questions as explicitly as possible to avoid processing delays.

TED Mamas
This is our primary group, exclusively for mamas supporting mamas currently nursing on extreme elimination diets. This group is for those who are currently in the trenches of extreme restrictions for their nursing, providing support from peers who are or have been there. The TED mamas’ group also has an off-topic group for concerns unrelated to dietary reaction concerns which can be accessed by TED mamas group members through the group.

TED Allergy Families
This is TED mamas sister group, for life after TED for nursing mamas and children as well as any concerns for other children or family members. This group is open to all family members who wish to support those with extreme elimination diets. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TEDAllergyFamilies/

Family Research Collaboration

This group is open for all with an interest with critical research discussion. In a bid to save the other groups being spammed with research articles that are easily lost in a stream of support posts. So if you have a specific interest in reading and discussing current research, most specifically around family and health choices. This may be a good group for you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FamilyResearchCollaboration/

This is our blog where we are trying to consolidate and expand on our group resources. Mostly comprised of the collection files “TED Mamas Resources” which is our primary group resources; “TED mum prospective” and other lesser collections are more opinion based and intentionally provocative. We hope to add some TED mama testimonials in the near future. Through the blog you can sign up for emails if want to keep up to date with our new posts. http://TEDmamas.com

You can also “follow” “TED mum” on facebook at:


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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