QC: Medical Freedom

Medical freedom, contraindications and pregnancy.

Whether it’s regarding sexual exploits, abortion, tattoos, diet, medications etc. we are bombarded with the statement “my body – my choice”.

As a society we champion progressive thinking around autonomy and respect, to raise generations with increased mindfulness, greater respect for themselves, their peers and society as a whole.

In history respecting individuals autonomy for medical decisions has been a hallmark for developed and democratic countries. In countries, and times, when medical freedom and autonomy have not been respected it has been a contributing factor to the segregation and massacres of oppressed groups such as Jews and Slaves.

This disregard for autonomy contributed to the religious persecution of the holocaust and the development of the Nuremberg Code which states that those who are a part of medical experiments should do so voluntarily with informed consent.

Despite living in a generation where vaccination is normative and expected, we are the first generation to do so – with such an extensive and robust schedule. Which many see as a sign of progress; while neglecting to observe that many of the social and health advancements we attribute to vaccines are in large part due to improved sanitation and living standards. Nor considering the potential role of the burgeoning schedule on chronic health conditions. Many doctors, scientists and researchers do speak out against the consensus; believing that by attempting to avoid the acute illnesses traditionally experienced in infancy, not only are we potentially more likely to contract previously deemed childhood illnesses as adults when they can have greater repercussions; but the schedule may well be contributing to the chronic health crisis.

Vaccines are not routinely studied with inert placebos or for cumulative impact on health outcomes. The schedule is constantly evolving without any advancement in understanding for potential risks. Internationally there is an increase in mandates, such as in Australia, Italy and America; where only those fully vaccinated or with specific (increasing limited) exemptions can use certain public resources like childcare and schools. Despite the innately experimental nature of the vaccine schedule, there is no research supporting any theory that those who are unvaccinated pose any greater risk to their classmates, if anything recently vaccinated children who have received live vaccines may be higher risk of sharing those artificial strains, which has been shown to be true in places like California. Where despite having mandatory vaccines with limited medical exemptions, an uptake rate that exceeds the theoretical 95% herd immunity threshold, they still routinely have measles outbreaks. They’re also in the process of attempting to further limit their doctors ability to provide medical exemptions potentially putting the health and lives of many – such as those with histories of adverse reactions or genetics that predispose them to adverse events – at much higher risk.

The most current research which suggests those with a family history of atopic and autoimmune disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction and methylation difficulties – which can also have genetic markers – are all at substantially higher risk for adverse events from vaccines. There is no grace for this within the British, Australian or American, vaccination schedules and no screening before the schedule is embarked upon to quantify the risks.

Many with these disorders are increasingly encouraged to vaccinate without being informed of their increased risk of adverse events because they are at higher risk of illness, despite those with immune compromised also being less likely to induce the desired immune response to the vaccine.

There is also an increased number of vaccines recommended during gestation despite research suggesting that those who have the flu vaccine during gestation are up to 7x more likely to have spontaneous miscarriage, and those who receive vaccines during gestation can be up to 20% more likely to have children with neurological disorders. Encouraged on the basis research would be unethical and it would be unethical to withhold vaccines from an at risk group.

The Nuremberg code:


Spontaneous abortion following flu vaccine: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28917295

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