Basics: Joining TED mamas…

TED mamas is a community primarily for mamas on EXTREME elimination diets, eliminating at least Top 8 allergens, but more commonly going on Total Elimination “few food” Diets, where a mamas exclusively eats a small number of foods to identify her infants food triggers. For more info on TED/Few food diets please see “What is a TED?”.

Our community has a really specific audience so we don’t encourage mamas who are at the beginning of their (dairy/soya) elimination diets to join. Though if mamas who are eliminating less foods want to join they are able to; so long as they understand we have post approval on in group and don’t allow posts for eliminations of less than top 8. This is to preserve the function of the group so it isn’t diluted by the needs of those with less severe dietary restrictions that can get help for those in one of the several other Facebook groups around dairy free breastfeeding, which generally have lots of mamas in the earlier stages of eliminations.

Due to the nature of the group we allow healthcare professionals to join, providing they appreciate that we are a peer to peer group. All group posts, comments and support are opinions shared solely as peers. So any real life certifications are not to be stated in our group discussion.

So, If you accept this and would like to join TED mamas please fill in the group questions as follows:

  1. Are you currently, or do you plan to imminently start, an elimination diet removing at least the top 8+ allergens or a Total Elimination “few food” Diet, while nursing? Please explicitly state your dietary limitations. If you are not explicit, or appear to be at the beginning of your dietary elimination we may send you a list of recommended groups that may be a better fit for this stage in your journey.
  2. Why do you want to join TED mamas?
  3. If your request is approved will you read and agree with our pinned post and follow our group guideline for post content and member conduct?

Please answer these questions as best you can in the space allowed.

Incomplete, short or vague answers will delay the approval process, and you may receive a message from one of our team for more information or alternative group suggestions.

For those who are post-TED, have non-nursing infants and children on restricted diets, or are on extreme elimination diets for themselves we also have TED allergy families.

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